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The Adoption Process
Thank you for your interest in adopting a retired racing Greyhound. Greyhounds make wonderful companion pets and will give you many years of love and devotion. This application has been designed to evaluate potential adopters to ensure that each person who adopts a Greyhound is not only aware of that responsibility, but also to address the compatibility of the home in which each Greyhound is placed.

We have worked in Greyhound adoption for many years and have seen many happy endings, and unfortunately we have also seen a few sad ones. We have only the best interest of the Greyhound in mind. Before signing this agreement, please know that Greyhounds can live 10 to 14 years, making this a serious, long-term commitment.

It is very traumatic for a dog to be returned by its family once it has settled into its new home, and pets should NEVER be considered dispensable. Furthermore, note that the Greyhound is not for everyone. These dogs rely on us to place them into appropriate, loving, responsible homes. All adults in your household must agree to this adoption and sign the application.
Can I Meet some Greyhounds First?
Absolutely! You really should take the time to meet some greyhounds. That's why we hold several Meet & Greets every month. Check out our event calendar. Not convenient for you? We might be able to arrange for you to meet some greyhounds nearby - just give us a call.
There is a non-refundable adoption donation fee.


$50.00 is due when you submit your application. (Refunded if application is denied.) with the remainder of the adoption donation fee due when the Greyhound is adopted. For senior dogs (10 years or older) the donation fee is $225.

The adoption fee helps us cover the expenses of Spay/Neuter fees as well as all necessary vetting prior to your taking possession of your Greyhound. All Shots will be brought current and parasite check will be done. Teeth will be cleaned, and any necessary medication will be administered by one of our associated Veterinarians. Your dog will be bathed ears will be cleaned and nails clipped. Adoption fees are non-refundable.

FHGA's average cost per greyhound is over $300.00 and includes:

   Heartworm Test with NEGATIVE Results
   Neuter or Spay
   Dental cleaning and extractions if needed
   All vaccinations, including DHLP and Rabies
   Fecal test and treatment until negative results are achieved*
   Membership and benefits
   Adoption package which includes special greyhound martingale collar, leash, muzzle

* If treatment is necessary, the adoption donation still remains the same

These medical costs do not include other costs for heartworm preventative and flea and tick preventative, such as Interceptor, Heartguard Plus, Sentinel, or Advantix, which are given every month the greyhound is in FHGA's care. The medical costs also do not include all prescription medications given to the greyhound, if needed, while in our care.

All adoption groups do not offer the high quality medical procedures that FHGA does. Be sure you understand before your adopt.

The non-refundable tax deductible adoption donation of one greyhound allows FHGA to process another.

Once your application and $50 deposit fee is received a FHGA rep will contact you to review and discuss your application.
House Visits
Topics Covered:
House Training, separation anxiety, unacceptable behavior and how to turn it around. We will also share with you our personal experiences and how we overcame unforeseen events.

You will be shown examples of correct and incorrect responses to undesirable behavior such as, marking, chewing, jumping, barking etc.

Once your adoption has been completed you will be assigned your own personal Advocate. That person will assist you with any of your transitional questions and concerns. Be advised that ALL of our team is on call 24/7 should an emergency arise. NEVER BE AFRAID TO CALL !!!

Once we have determined what type of Greyhound will best suite your family, IE: are there small animals such as cats or rabbits, number and ages of children etc we will select a dog that fits your criteria most closely. Our officers have been educated in Greyhound profiling. While we will try to accommodate you as closely as possible regarding gender color etc, we strongly encourage you to trust us to select the dog that most closely fits your needs, and sometimes that means you wanted a black dog but we found a beautiful brindle that is a perfect match !!
Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions is Dedicated to finding Loving Permanent Homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds, Built On A Foundation of "FOREVER"
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