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Fostering a Greyhound

Please read BEFORE you apply

Qualifications: Foster families are a very important part of any rescue organizations structure, but it is not an easy job and not always fun. As a foster your responsibilities are many. You will have to deal with upset tummies, stress diarrhea , and a dog who has never even seen the inside of a house before. He does not know how to climb stairs, how to behave inside, or in many cases even how to accept a treat from your hand. In other words your foster Greyhound is a blank slate.

Foster families are responsible for teaching the Greyhound in their care how to ask to be let outside to relieve themselves, and how to climb stairs. They must be taught all of the social graces and learn it is inappropriate to jump up on people, counter surf, and beg at the table .

As a foster you will be responsible for transporting your Greyhound visitor to and from its Vet appointments, and to and from our adoption events on weekends. You will occasionally also be asked to receive prospective adopters at your home, so they can meet and interact with your foster Greyhound to help determine if this Greyhound is a good fit for their family.

If you determine that you wish to adopt the foster Grey yourself, you must notify Forever Home in a timely fashion because once another family has expressed interest in that dog, keeping the dog is no longer an option for you. Foster families who adopt are bound by all the same requirements and fees as any other adopter.

Forever Home will supply you with a crate, food, and medication for the foster dog. Some families prefer to donate the food, and that is gratefully accepted but by no means mandatory. If you are unable to transport your foster Grey to any of our functions, you must provide us with adequate notice so that we can make other arrangements to get the dog transported. If you have prior obligations, but are still able to drop the dog at our event and pick him up afterward, that is always appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in fostering a Greyhound. Please complete the form below to the best of your abilities. We will contact you after we have reviewed your application.
About You and Your Household
Name of Primary and Co-Adopter:
Home Phone:
Mobile/Cell Phone:
Employer - Primary Adopter:
Employer - Co-Adopter:
Work Phone - Primary Adopter:
Work Phone - Co-Adopter:
Name of contact person who can always reach you:
Contact Phone:
Number of adults in your home:
List children and their ages:
Are your children respectful and gentle to animals?

Name anyone in family allergic to dogs or cats:
What is the activity level of your household?

About Your Residence
Describe the area in which you live:

Describe your residence:


How long at present residence?
Do you:

If apt. or duplex, is there a size/pound restriction?

If you rent or lease, do you have permission from your landlord to have a dog?

Landlord's Name:
Landlord's Phone:
Do you have a completely fenced yard?

Fence Type:
Fence Height:
Are you aware that Greyhounds must ALWAYS be kept on a leash or in a completely fenced area?

If your yard is not fenced, what sort of exercise will your Greyhound receive?
About Your Other Pets and Pet Care
What other pets do you have? (Type, Breed, Name, Age, Sex, Altered)
If you own a cat, is it:

What kind of dental care do you provide your pets?
Do you have a veterinarian?

Is s/he familiar with Greyhounds' special needs?

Veterinarian's Name:
Veterinarian's Phone:
Veterinarian's Address:
What last name and pet name are the records under?
Did you have other pets in your home previously?

Please describe what became of them:
Have you ever adopted from any other adoption group or shelter?

If so, which one?
Phone number:
Is there a legal ordinance in your area pertaining to animal/pet ownership? (i.e., leash laws, required vaccinations or dog licenses, etc.)
About Your Interest in Greyhounds
How did you hear about our organization?
Why do you want to foster a Greyhound? Interested in joining the foster program.
Would like to foster with option to adopt.
What research have you done about the breed?
Do all adults in the household agree to fostering?

Do you agree to bring the Greyhound to the Veterinarian for his/her scheduled neutering/spaying appointment? (**See Note below.)
Do you agree to bring the Greyhound to our Adoption Clinics or other events or make him or her available for one of our volunteers to pick up if you are unable to come yourself? (**See Note below.)

Approximately how many hours would your fostered Greyhound be alone each day?
Occasionally an older Greyhound or one with special needs is available. Would you consider fostering such a dog?

**NOTE: If you are unable to bring the Greyhound for his/her scheduled Veterinary appointment or to an Adoption Clinic or event, we will make arrangements for a Forever Home volunteer to transport the dog. We would request that you provide us with as much notice as possible so that the necessary arrangements can be made.
Fostering with Intent to Adopt:
(complete section below ONLY if you are fostering with the intent to adopt)
What type of personality/temperament do you think would best fit your household and lifestyle?
Which would you prefer?

If you have a preference, why?
Do you have any preference regarding age or color?
Do you have a preference for a particular dog?
A home visit may be required. Do you agree to allow a Forever Home representative to do home visits and phone calls during the fostering period?

When would you be ready for a dog? (It is advisable to have at least three days available when you first bring a Greyhound to their new home. This helps with the transition.)
You and the Greyhound will be assigned a "Foster Advocate." Do you agree to keep the Advocate advised as to how the Greyhound is doing and to contact him or her with any concerns or questions that you might have, or to arrange for transportation if you are unable to bring the Greyhound to an Adoption Clinic or other scheduled event?

Any additional Comments?
Your References
Please list two references that you have known for more than one year. At least one of your references should be a neighbor. References cannot be family members.
Reference 1:
City, State:
Phone (day):
Phone (evening):
Reference 2:
City, State:
Phone (day):
Phone (evening):
Your Authorization and Signatures
I/We authorize my/our veterinarian to release information regarding my/our pets to a representative of Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions. Further, by typing/entering my/our name(s) I/we affix my/our electronic signature(s) acknowledging that the information supplied herein is true and correct. If the information in this application is found to be false, Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions retains the right to decline this adoption request. If my application is accepted, I agree to release and return the fostered Greyhound and any FHGA equipment associated with that Greyhound, upon demand to an FHGA officer.
Primary Adopter:

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