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Care Sheets for New (and seasoned) Greyhound Owners
We are proud that you have chosen to adopt through our organization. It is not a decision that either of us have taken without careful consideration, and we hope that you and your new "companion" will enjoy a very special relationship for many years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you and your new pet to be happy!

The following is a guide to help acquaint you with the breed and to assist in your dogs' transition from racer to pet. We strongly encourage you to read these care sheets, print them out, and save them for future reference, as the information which follows is invaluable.

*Note: this page is frequently updated, check back often!
What to know before you adopt
When You Get Home

Crating and House training

Tips to help with Separation Anxiety

Cat Training the Retired Racer


Trust - The Deadly Disease

More Separation Anxiety Tips and Thunderstorm Help
Related to your Greyhound's Health
NEW! High Blood Pressure in Greys

CHOOSING a VET to Care for Your Racer

Fool Proof Cure for those Wounds that just won't Heal

Post-Amputation Adjuvant Suramin and Doxorubicin in Dogs with Osteosarcoma

Autologous Tumor Cell Vaccination for the Treatment of Canine Lymphoma

Cancer Mast Report

Canine Lymphoma Report

Canine Osteosarcoma Report

Canine Hemangiosarcoma Report

Greyhound Urine Analysis

Most Popular Greyhound Health Myths

Making Anesthesia Safe for Greyhounds

Greyhounds and Anesthesia

Pain Management

'My Female GH Keeps Licking Personal Area'

Tick Diseases: An Overview

Glucosamine and Joint Health

Timing of Heart Worm Reventative
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NuVet Daily Canine Supplement

Lyme Vaccination Information

Greyhound Bloodwork

New Vaccine Protocol

Greyhound Medicine Chest

Aspirin Warning

Greyt Recipe to Repel Ticks & Fleas

Greyhound-safe Tick Collars

Natural Way to Maintain Teeth & Gums (Fragaria)

Skunk Smell remover for doggies - NEW!
Please read these care sheets if you have Children or Other Pets
Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions is Dedicated to finding Loving Permanent Homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds, Built On A Foundation of "FOREVER"
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