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The Spanish Galgo Adoption
Please take a moment to visit the website of the organization that helps us import the Galgo's that we offer for adoption:
For those of you who have expressed an interest in adopting one of our Galgo's (Spanish Greyhounds) or Podenco's, we have important information that you should read prior to submitting your application.

Since there are some Vector Transmitted diseases that are rather rare here in the USA, we want you to be as informed as possible.

Although we have our dogs tested (as many as 3 times) prior to leaving Spain, there is always a chance a dog may be infected, since some of these diseases (such as Leishmania) can lie dormant for upwards of 7 years, and show a negative result.

Please read the following articles thoroughly so that you may make a totally informed decision. To date we have never had any problems because of the thorough testing done prior to the dogs departure from Spain, but we would like all clients to beware of the possibility no mater how remote !!

LEISHMANIA, How Much Do We Know?
LEISHMANIA (Newest Info)
Canine leishmaniasis
Leishmania and Other Info for your Vet
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