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Retired Racing Greyhound Health Survey

Dear Greyhound and Galgo adoption group,

The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, needs your help to complete an important survey. We are conducting a web-based survey to identify the frequency of health-related conditions and the causes of death in Galgos.

We recently published the results of a web-based health survey in retired racing Greyhounds (please see attached), and have just concluded a similar study in AKC (show) Greyhounds. We want to conduct a similar study in Galgos, to compare and analyze the differences between the breeds. To do so, we ask that you please share your list of adopter's email addresses, so that we can contact them directly. If this is not possible, we ask that you please forward this e-mail to your members, and encourage them to participate. The survey can be completed in 5 languages, English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch, and the responses to this survey will be strictly confidential.

The results from the survey will help us to better understand which diseases are most common in Galgos; and will serve as a baseline to help us conduct clinical studies to improve the health of Galgos.

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.

Liliana Marin, DVM
Greyhound Health and Wellness Program Coordinator
The Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
601 Vernon L. Tharp Street Columbus, OH 43210
614-247- 8490

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