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Please consider the following BEFORE you Adopt!

Because we understand how difficult it is to watch toddlers and small children under 8 yrs our policy is that generally we prefer adoptive families to check with us before applying because we prefer that children be at least 8 years of age. Greyhounds are very special and sweet natured dogs, but the fact remains they are still ANIMALS and from time to time can be unpredictable. If startled or hurt by a falling child or quick movement it is possible for them to become distressed and lash out. This is true of ANY breed. If you have younger kids please call Paula to discuss prior to submitting your application & application fee. In many cases arrangements can be made, but please check with us first since we all know that with ANY animal, there are NO GUARENTEES!!!!

A Word to Cat Owners Who Wish to Adopt a Greyhound…
Families who own cats, and wish to adopt greyhounds, must understand that there are never any guarantees regarding the cat's future safety, regardless of how disinterested the greyhound seems to be. We cannot, and will not, promise that the greyhound will never chase or injure the cat. We do our best to determine the greyhound's level of interest, but several thousand years of genetic programming is hard to overcome, and you must understand that something as small as a bird flying by the window or a squirrel romping in your yard could be a trigger. The greyhound should always be supervised when interacting with small animals and should never be left alone or unsupervised with small animals. Taking 30 seconds to put kitty in a closed bedroom or crating your greyhound before leaving the room will help insure a safe, harmonious environment for everyone.

A word to families WITHOUT fences who wish to adopt a Greyhound…
When adopting a Greyhound from Forever Home, fencing is NOT mandatory, HOWEVER, potential adopters must thoroughly understand that in inclement weather, you will need to be willing and able to stay outside with your Greyhound LONG ENOUGH for the dog to do his/her business. You MUST walk the dog, as simply standing there will not stimulate the dog. Greyhounds are NOT afraid of snow, and they WILL do their business but you have to walk with them and be patient and stay outside with them long enough for them to evacuate their bowels. This can take anywhere from two (2) to thirty (30) minutes. It takes some time to establish a routine so patience is essential. Once the routine is established, things will go more quickly. If fencing your yard is NOT an option please consider purchasing a small kennel from AGWAY or FARM & TRACTOR or 2 exercise pens from your local pet supply store and set them up in your yard so you can turn your Greyhound out without his leash. Greyhounds will complete their bathroom needs much more rapidly off leash inside the kennel or X-pen.

Available Greyhounds for Adoption
Below is the Petfinder feed for adoptable greys. If the feed is not working, please view our adoptable dogs on the Petfinder page here:

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Spanish Greyhounds (GALGOs)

You may or may not be aware of the horrible plight of the Spanish GALGOs which are actually Spanish Greyhounds. They are terribly abused and endangered. There is a wonderful organization called SCOOBY which is rescuing and helping these beautiful Greyhounds to find homes all over the world.

Galgo News

The adoption fees are different for the Galgo's due to the costs involved with getting them here, but it is well worth it just to know that you have been a part of the wonderful miracle of getting these magnificent animals here to America where they will be safe and loved.

In 2010 we plan to partner with Galgo Rescue International Network ( GRIN ) to help rescue the Ibizan Hounds ( Large Podencos ) from a shelter in the Canary Islands.

This is a wonderfully insightful and informative article written by our friend RALF who was with us in Spain Sept 2009. We recommend it be read by any of our volunteers who plan to accompany us on our May 2010 trip or any subsequent trips we will be making to the SCOOBY shelter in Medina Del Campo Spain.

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