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Foster Care
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Foster homes for FHGA's greyhounds are always critically needed. By being a foster home, you provide a temporary home for one of the greyhounds that has been brought into FHGA's adoption program. You acquaint them with "life inside a home" versus life at the kennel or track. It can be one of the most rewarding, and sometimes challenging, experiences.
The most common comment about fostering a greyhound, is "I'm afraid I will get too attached". Well, that is very true for each of us, but remember, "if you adopt you can save one, if you foster you can save many."

As a foster, you sacrifice a bit of your heart and your home to the greyhounds. The dogs bond quickly. You may be the first person who has been kind to them. It is hard to give them up when they are adopted. But remember, "The gift is in the goodbye." Fostering is a lesson in unselfish love.

Cesar Millan on the Magic of Fostering a Dog

Being fostered is a wonderful opportunity for a dog to prepare for his forever home. He will have more one-on-one time with humans, and he can experience more of the world around him instead of being limited to the confines of a shelter. It can significantly increase his chances of fitting in with his next family.

And of course, his foster parents can make sure his new family is the right fit by helping them to understand his energy level, any issues that are being worked on, and any special needs the dog has.

Fostering isn't just good for the dog – it can do wonders for the human as well! A dog needs daily exercise, and that helps us to get up, get out of the house, and experience simplicity. Dogs help you to appreciate the world around you. They smell the ground so intensely. They look at the trees as though they are seeing them for the first time. It helps us to remember the wonders that we take for granted. So if you're stressed or anxious, it goes away for that moment when it's just you and the dog. People say I do magic, but it's the dogs that do magic. In an instant, they can help you feel calm. They just come in and make it happen without a word.

But I think it's important that you don't form too much of an emotional attachment with the dog. Remember, you are preparing the dog to detach himself from you and live with another human. If not, it can be damaging to his relationship with his new family. He can move on, but it will just make it harder for him. The way I think this can be achieved is by switching dogs. They use this system to train dogs for the blind. If people stay with a dog for a month and then get a new one, the dog doesn't become confused. When he is in his forever home, he will know he is with his new pack! As a professional, I have to do this with dogs I work with. If I am going to help a dog that is not mine, I can't connect all the way. I need to let the owners finish it!

Stay calm and assertive!
Cesar Millan

If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out the Foster Application and submit as instructed. This application allows us to better match a foster greyhound to your particular home environment. Should you have any questions, please feel free to Email or call.

On behalf of the greyhounds needing the loving care needed in preparation of their "Forever" Homes, thank you for your participation.
Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions is Dedicated to finding Loving Permanent Homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds, Built On A Foundation of "FOREVER"
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